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Unbalanced O-ring seal with rigid torque transmission system

Robust O-ring seal featuring a rigid torque transmission design required for hard material pairings (WC/WC or SiC/SiC), even where lubrication is poor.


The dynamic secondary seal is an O-ring. This involves a risk of wear on the shaft under the O-ring and of seal hang-up (blocking of axial movement of the rotating seal ring). 


Rubber Bellow Seal

Bellows seal with torque transmission across the spring and around the bellows. Therefore it is not designed for hard material pairings in applications with poor lubrication.


Due to the bellows, the seal does not wear the shaft, and the axial movement is not prevented by deposits or seizure on the shaft. ​


Unbalanced O-ring seal with spring as torque transmission element

Low-pressure, simple O-ring seal with the spring acting as torque transmission element. Therefore the seal is dependent on the direction of shaft rotation.


The shown seal is for a counter-clockwise shaft rotation. The seal type is excellent for low-temperature, clean water applications with a ceramic/carbon seal face pairing


Balanced, cartridge O-ring seal unit with rigid torque transmission system

This seal type is assembled in a cartridge unit which makes replacement safe and easy.


Similar to the type D seal, the balancing makes this O-ring seal type suitable for high-pressure applications.


Balanced, rolled-metal bellows cartridge seal unit

The metal bellows acts both as spring and torque transmission element.


This seal type has only static rubber parts, with reduced risk of hang-up similar to type B. 

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