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KWO ePTFE Joint Sealant

KWO Universal F premium is a gasket tape made from mono-directionally expanded PTFE and it's suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries. This soft gasket material adapts very well to the sealing surface and is characterised by a low cold-flow tendency and a high tensile strength.

This gasket tape is particularly suitable for uneven or damaged sealing surfaces. The tape allows a wide range of applications, regardless of the shape and the size of the sealing surface. Being self-adhesive on one side, the tape can be attached easily and quickly. The used glue is suitable for applications in the food industry.

The gasket tape can be used to seal surfaces of any shape :

pipe flanges, flanges of apparatus and tanks, pumps, fittings, compensators and ventilation facilities. 

Another advantage of the gasket material is its versatility, being suitable for applications in almost all industry sectors, notably in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.


- very good adaptability to surfaces of any kind 
- excellent sealing properties and full resistance 
- universally applicable; suitable for wide range of apps 
- easy installation; suitable for repairs of flange connections 
- available in various sizes 
- all common homologations and certifications 
- harmless in contact with food 


- 100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE) without fillers
- high quality and high performance hot melt adhesive
- excellent adaptability and high tensile strength
- universally applicable
- UV resistant; no ageing
- non-toxic, biologically inert
- non-flammable


- tube flanges
- sealings for tanks
- air-conditioning & ventilation systems
- apparatus engineering
- machine housing
- compensators
- pumps


- proven by DVGW
- BAM - suitable for use with oxygen
- proven by TA-Luft
- certificated & monitored by TÜV
- compliant to FDA
- EC1935/2004 - suitbale for applications with food contact
- gasket characteristics pursuant to DIN EN 13555

Technical Data

- Raw Material : 100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE) without fillers - self-adhesive (hot melt adhesive)

- Temperature Range : recommended temperature range from -200°C to +150°C; material heat resistant up to +315°C

- Chemical Resistance : pH range from 0 to 14; full chemical resistance, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine

- Pressure Resistance : resistant within the usual pressure range of standard flanges up to 60 bars; suitable for vacuum applications 

- Physiologically Inert : physiologically harmless in all recommended applications

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