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T2 Up to 29 bar

  • Special Balancing — Allows operation at higher pressures.

  • Mechanical Drive — Eliminates overstressing of the elastomer bellows.

  • Non-Clogging, Single-Coil Spring — Not affected by buildup of solids.

  • Self-Aligning Capability — Automatic adjustment compensates for abnormal shaft end play runout, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances.

TYPE 2100

T2100 Up To 16 Bar

  • Unitised, easy-to-fit design

  • Bellows design is pressure supported and eliminates creases or folds

  • Compact design fits DIN 24960, ISO 3069, and ANSI B73.1 M-1991

  • Positive key drive via drive bands protects bellows from torsional strain

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