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Bellow Seal

Bellow‑like secondary seal between the shaft and the rotating seal ring. The bellow seal is a reliable and sturdy construction that has served well in Flygt B‑pumps for many years. The single coil spring along with the bellow‑shaped secondary seal greatly reduces the risk of hampered spring motion and since there is always metal‑to‑metal contact with the oil housing, good heat dissipation is well provided for.


Grip Lock Seal

The seal can be mounted on an ungrooved shaft but does not rely on rubber friction for the torque transmission. Its open spring housing design makes it resistant to clogging, and the rubber protected torque drivers make it suitable in abrasive media. The seal is developed to be a sturdy general purpose shaft seal, suitable for all normal Flygt applications. This latest addition to the Flygt seal family replaces older seals in the shaft interval 20 – 35 mm.


Internal Spring Seal

Protected position of the spring between the shaft and seal rings. This design concept first appeared in the 2201 but has gained popularity also in C‑pumps because of its high resistance to clogging.


Multi-Spring Seal

Found in larger pumps and turbines and also as the inner seal in medium‑sized products. For large shaft diameters, the multi‑spring configuration is a very effective design giving short, uncomplicated seals that rarely cause any problems.


Open Coil Spring Seal

Used in smaller B‑pumps. This is a straightforward and durable design that can withstand a lot of abuse. The single coil spring, the flexible mounted O‑ring and well-dimensioned seal rings assure long life in all common applications.


Plug-In Seal

Has a number of features that make it easier to handle than conventional single seals. The seal comprises an inner and outer seal in one unit that is simply “plugged in” to the product without any special tools being required. The seal is designed for wear and clog resistance, and is suitable for all applications and the toughest media. The plug-in seal is standard in all new products.


Sleeve Seal

The sleeve seal is a wellproven design that is used in mixers and medium‑sized C‑pumps. Since the spring is placed in the oil housing and the exterior is flushed, the sleeve seal has excellent resistance to clogging and wear.


There is also an inverted form of this seal, where the rotating ring is sleeve‑shaped, which is used in 2151 and 2084.


Tube Seal

Features such as solid seal rings, flushed exterior, a protected spring and metal‑to‑metal contact with the oil housing give outstanding durability even in the harshest environments.

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