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Mixtec Mixer Mechanical Seal

Mixtec is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial agitators and mixers.


Mixtec's 2000 Series Mixers and Agitators are designed to suit closed and sealed vessels. Different process requirements need different types of seals; Mixtec offers a wide range of sealing arrangements including Lip Seals, Packed Glands, Moat Seals and Mechanical seals. Depending on the sealing requirements we will Custom design a pedestal incorporating your seal into an easy to maintain drive assembly. 


Heavy Duty 4000 Series Agitators are built to tackle the larger tanks, mainly used in the mining industry. Tanks can often reach 20m in Diameter by 20m High, Mixtec welcomes the challenge, with shafts being manufactured over 21m long including 2 in-tank couplings we have been able to achieve a run out of only 3mm, well below the industry accepted average of 1mm per meter. 


The 5050 series is a Direct Drive side entry mixer for smaller simpler applications that do not require complicated sealing arrangements.

The 5000 Series mixers are simple pedestal mixers incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance, mounted horizontally with the seal arrangement of the customers choosing.

The 5500 Series is a V-belt driven side entry mixer incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance. The 5500 series is extensively used in Pulp and Paper applications and range from 5.5kW to 45kW.

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