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Contherm Scraped Surface
Heat Exchangers

The Contherm scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE)  has found use within many different processes and applications for manufacturing food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health and beauty products, etc. It is particularly suited for processing viscous, heat sensitive, sticky or chunky (containing particulates) products that are to be pumped. 



Made for medium to extremely high-viscosity and/or fouling products with or without particles, the traditional Contherm is designed with ease of service in mind. Contherm models are ideal for applications that require significant mixing and shear, and for aerated products and applications that require deep cooling, including cryogenic design.


Contherm HP

The Contherm HP is designed for medium to extreme viscosity applications that require or produce especially high product pressures. The robust design can handle 41 bar (600 psi), which is twice the pressure rating of the traditional Contherm.



A modified Contherm scraped-surface evaporator used for removing moisture from viscous and/or heat-sensitive products that tend to cause fouling in static heat exchangers.

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