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CEH-X/CEH have a segmental type construction with open vane wheel impellers.

  • Problem-free pumping of clean liquids at unfavorable suction side conditions

  • Suitable for positive suction heads below 0.5 m

  • The different material possibilities, uniform dimensions, performance characteristics, and standard exchangeable components make the CEH particularly recommendable for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical/petrochemical, plastic, and oil markets

  • Low NPSH and positive suction head make the CEH-X/CEH very suitable for the pumping of liquefied gasses and liquids under vapor pressure like condensate, refrigerant, boiler feed water or LPG


HEGA is an extremely robust and well proven ring section pump with closed impellers, designed for power, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical and chemical applications requiring trouble-free pumping of clear or slightly dirty liquids.

  • Reduced energy costs achieved by sizing impellers for best hydraulic fit and operating efficiency

  • Low installation costs enabled by movable suction head casing, which easily adapts flange position to site conditions

  • Low inventory carrying costs enabled by high degree of parts interchangeability

  • Reliable bearing performance provided by grease lubricated deep groove and cylindrical roller bearing, respectively meeting DIN 625 and DIN 5412

  • Shaft sealing by a stuffing box or mechanical seal to suit application requirements

  • Impeller balancing holes

  • Standard bearings and sealing for easy maintenance

  • Drain hole as standard

  • Built-in solids drain

  • Rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear

  • ATEX compliance


LPHX/LPH are two-stage displacement pumps with a simple but robust construction.

  • Near isothermal compression

  • Oil free, with no internal lubrication

  • Capable of handling almost all gases and vapours

  • Able to handle quantities of liquid "carry over"

  • Low maintenance and safe operation

  • Low noise and almost vibration free

  • Available in a wide range of materials

  • Broad range of applications

  • O-ring sealing as standard

  • Cavitation protection as standard

  • Drain hole as standard

  • Built-in solids drain

  • Rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear

  • ATEX compliance


MSM / MSL line is a highly efficient ring section pump with patented balancing system, extremely low NPSH.

  • Patented balancing system reduces recirculation and optimizes efficiency

  • Axial or radial inlet for customer piping preference

  • Self aligning sleeve bearing requires only one shaft seal

  • Antifriction bearing design also available

  • Large selection of hydraulics to maximize performance

  • Rotatable suction and discharge casing to match customer piping

  • Enhanced suction design provides low NPSH

  • Material options available

  • Robust against quick operation and temperature changes

  • Cavitation protection as standard

  • Drain hole as standard

  • Built-in solids drain

  • Rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear

  • ATEX compliance


Bare shaft design ZLN Close coupled design ZLK Inline design ZLI

  • Low power consumption:

  • We fulfill the standard for the future (eco design requirements of EC 2009/125/EC

  • Optimizes hydraulic grading

  • Full compliance with EN 733

  • Low shaft deflection and thereof longer mechanical seal life

  • For ZLK (closed coupled) no baseplate, coupling and guard needed

  • Saving up to 20% of the cost for purchase, installation, maintenance and repair compared with units on baseplate

  • Only reduced spae is required on customer side

  • Extended ball bearing lifetime

  • Long Mean time between Failure

  • Easy on site service

  • No regular maintenace required

  • Simple condition monitoring


Bare shaft design ZTN, Close coupled design ZTK, Inline design ZTI

  • Long lasting efficiency with closed impellers

  • High efficiency and low power with advanced fluid dynamic design

  • Low NPSH due to high quality impeller and suction profile

  • Robust rotating assembly with long-life ball bearing and sleeve bearings

  • Stable with temperature fluctations

  • Back pull out design

  • Triple protection with mechanical seal backed by lip seals and bearing assembly

  • Enhanced seal life with heat dissipation with air fin

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